Decline in Argentinian poultry exports


Argentina has lost some of its influence in export markets for poultry. According to the Center for Poultry Processing Companies (CEPA), exports were down 8.3% in volume and 4.5% in value between January and August 2021 in comparison to 2020. However, last year was marked by a drop in demand in export markets due to restrictions brought by the COVID crisis.

Compared with the first 8 months of 2019, Argentinian poultry exports are 44% lower in terms of volume. During that time, Argentina exported 275,000 tonnes of poultry meat. Since then, taxes added by the Argentinian government and shipping costs have increased, along with demand in the domestic market caused by a spike in prices for beef and pork. The loading price for a container of poultry meat may reach $ 86.58, adding at least 5% to the total cost of the merchandise. Besides that, Argentina´s government adds taxes of 9% for poultry exports. “The reality is that we had to dismantle everything and re-adapt. For the moment, we rather focus on the domestic market due to all the problems here”, commented Roberto Domenech, president of the Center for Poultry Processing Companies (CEPA).




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