If you’re still reviewing spring wheat options for this season, it’s important to approach the decision with a season-long, holistic perspective, keeping your management style and field conditions top of mind.

As you finalize your wheat seed decision, use this checklist to ensure you select the right seed options and are prepared to optimize the performance of your purchase throughout the season.

  1. Review soil conditions in your fields. Consider mapping your fields using satellite imagery from the R7® Tool to determine where prime and marginal soils are located to help make the best variable-rate input decisions.
  2. Consider the disease environment. Make sure your varieties contain a defensive package to manage wheat diseases such as fusarium head blight, bacterial leaf streak and other diseases common in your area.
  3. Weigh the value of a seed treatment. Spring soil conditions are often conducive to seedling diseases, so quality seed treatments like Warden® Cereals 360 seed treatment can help ensure optimal germination and uniform emergence.
  4. Know your nitrogen needs. CROPLAN® wheat varieties are scored as having a low, medium or high response to nitrogen to help ensure variety-specific applications. Work with your agronomist to determine your proper nitrogen rate.
  5. Plant at the right population. Follow variety-specific population recommendations from your trusted CROPLAN seed agronomist for optimal results. Over-populating can be detrimental to the crop’s yield potential.
  6. Anticipate your fungicide use. Prioritize fungicide applications based on your variety’s response-to-fungicide scores. A variety with a high fungicide response has a higher chance of increased ROI when a premium fungicide is used.

Find the right spring wheat options for your acres

If you’re a farmer who is willing to take some calculated risks using WinField® United data and our advice on timing and products, and who wants to push the limits of your production capabilities, spring wheat varieties from CROPLAN seed might be right for you.

Here are three of my top recommendations from the CROPLAN spring wheat lineup, validated by trial data from the Answer Plot® program:

  • CP3530 — A great option for farmers looking for a balanced wheat product with excellent yield potential and strong protein. Performs best at low to medium plant populations and with higher or split-application nitrogen management to help improve protein.
  • CP3915 — A recent addition to the CROPLAN spring wheat portfolio with improved protein over CP3530, a high response to population, a moderate response to nitrogen, strong standability and elite performance on better soils.
  • CP3099A — For farmers invested in achieving high yields, CP3099A is an awnless variety that offers top-end yield potential and a strong disease package.

Talk with your trusted advisor about selecting the right wheat varieties to help you achieve your goals and set some new ones.


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