Barley prices in Ukraine are falling under the pressure of low demand

Source:  GrainTrade

Prices for feed barley in Ukraine are gradually rising under the pressure of low export demand and reduced interest from processors.

In addition, they are under pressure from falling prices for feed corn and wheat, low demand from the main consumers who worked on a traditional raw material base and periodically bought only the necessary volumes, as well as the almost complete absence of barley exports. Prices are slightly supported by limited transitional stocks of barley and forecasts of a reduction in its production in the new season.

In Ukraine, the area under winter barley for the harvest -2022 decreased by 16.8% compared to last year to 969 thousand hectares, and spring – by 45% to 918.8 thousand tons against the background of declining due to shortages and high prices for fertilizers barley, its production will be 5-6 million tons, which is 40-50% lower than last year.

Demand prices for feed barley fell by UAH 100-300 / t and as of May 18 amounted to UAH 6,500-7,300 / t with delivery to processors, while corn prices fell to UAH 5,800-6,300 / t with delivery to feed mills.

At the beginning of the week in the western regions there was a slight increase in prices. Some buyers have raised demand prices to attract the right amount of grain, but they remain within the established range.

High domestic barley prices and significant delivery costs to Romanian ports at $ 85-100 / t do not yet allow traders to buy and export feed barley, given the current level of world barley prices.

The decline in production in Ukraine will lead to a further increase in world barley prices in the new season, especially against the background of forecasts of reduced world production of corn.

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