Azerbaijan reduces imports of wheat in 2020

The volume of Azerbaijan’s imports of wheat reduced by 60.7 percent year-on-year in the period of January-Febuary, dropping to 98.15 thousand tons, local media reported citing Azerbaijani State Statistics Committee on April 20.

Based on the provided statistics, the total value of wheat imported into the country was estimated at $21 million 543.6 thousand (a decline of 61.1 percent).

Over reporting months, 22.874 thousand tons of vegetables (a drop of 12.1 percent) worth $28 million 617.1 thousand (a growth of 31.6 percent) and 39.355 thousand tons of fruits (a drop of 24.5 percent) worth $46 million 316.5 thousand (a drop of 13.5 percent) were exported.

During the reporting period, Azerbaijan also imported 14.331 thousand tons of raw sugar and sugar (a drop of 74.3 percent) worth $4 million 798.7 thousand (a drop of 76.9 percent), 24.665 thousand tons of vegetable oil (a growth of 0.7 percent) worth $21 million 529.5 thousand (a growth of 20.5 percent), 2.329 thousand tons of tea (a growth of 20.3 percent) worth $8 million 930.7 thousand (a growth of 23.1 percent) and 2.182 thousand tons of butter and other dairy products (a growth of 21.4 percent) worth $ 10 million 802.6 thousand (a growth of 17.2 percent) were imported.

In addition, during this period, 1.67 thousand tons of beef (a growth of 33.9 percent) worth $6 million 41.6 thousand (a growth of 33.9 percent) and 5.122 thousand tons of poultry products (a drop of 25.5 percent) worth $5 million 493.1 thousand (a drop of 22.6 percent) were delivered to the country.

Moreover, in January-February, Azerbaijan imported 33.772 tons of fruits (a growth of 9.2 percent) worth $20 million 659.8 thousand (a growth of 2 percent), 4.135 tons of vegetables (a growth of 25.3 percent) worth $2 million 241.7 thousand (a growth of 17.8 percent) and 43,302 thousand tons of potatoes (a growth of 1.5 percent) worth $11 million 749.8 thousand (an increase of 11 percent).

Besides, the Committee disclosed the value and the amount of the exported agricultural products of Azerbaijan as well.

At the same time, in the course of the mentioned period, 5.062 thousand tons of sugar (a growth of 3.8 percent) worth $2 million 52.3 thousand (a drop of 6.9 percent) (increase by 3.8%) and 2.496 thousand tons of vegetable oil worth $1 million 921.8 thousand (a growth of 2.2 times) were exported from Azerbaijan

Furthermore, in January-February of the current year, Azerbaijan exported 1.474 tons of fruit and vegetable juices (a growth of 34.1 percent) worth $1 million 847 thousand (a growth of 35.8 percent), 19.2 thousand decalitres of natural grape wine and must (a drop of 73.1 percent) worth $365.6 thousand (a drop of 57.4 percent). natural grape wines and grape juice (decrease by 73.1%), 1.212 thousand tons of canned fruits and vegetables (a growth of by 1.8 times) $1 million 865.1 thousand (a growth of 1.9 times) and 558 tons of tobacco (a drop of 47.6 percent) worth $1 million 258.4 thousand (a drop of 50.4 percent).

Note that according to the provided results of 2019 by Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO), Azerbaijan exported agricultural products worth $943.3 million, which is 14.1 percent more than in 2018.

It is worth to mention that agriculture is the fastest growing non-oil sector in the Azerbaijani economy. The ongoing reforms in the agricultural sector have had a serious impact on the development of Azerbaijan's economy, efficient use of land and property, improvement of the structure of the agricultural sphere and entrepreneurship.

Azerbaijan is mostly self-sufficient in the production of agricultural products, while vegetables and fruits are produced in abundance.

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