ARIA Commodities DMCC announce opening its newest offices in Ukraine

ARIA Commodities DMCC is pleased to announce opening its newest offices in the Black Sea, led by a highly regarded team in its regional headquarters in Kiev, Ukraine and further has also recruited well known industry professionals to join its Rostov office in Russia. ARIA Commodities has a global footprint with offices in London, Zurich, Kansas, Singapore and shortly Australia, all bringing significant origination and distribution capabilities in the financing, trading, producing and distribution of commodities. Headquartered in Dubai, ARIA Commodities DMCC with its offices being at 1004 Park Place Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE, has interests in grains, oilseeds, foodstuffs more generally and petrochemicals.

ARIA Commodities rapid growth is in part attributed to its unique funding model, whereby in blending asset management and physical trading expertise, it is able to generate index linked, asset backed income streams for institutional investors. Establishing a substantial team in the Black Sea, brings its investor base exposure to unparalleled experience in trading and international sales. The Kiev and Rostov offices are headed by Mr Oleg Levchenko in Kiev and Mr Denis Lunov respectively, with each office having interests in grain origination but vessel ownership too.

ARIA Commodities DMCC is set to open offices in Australia and Mexico City in the coming weeks, having already an established presense in the US in its Kansas operation.

Oleg Levchenko – Director of ARIA COMMODITIES UKRAINE and Head of Black Sea Trading, confirmed that the group priorities are to integrate Black Sea grain origination and export activity in Ukraine and Russia, as well as to build infrastructure exposure in the region, reinforcing its presence in the supply chain, both in respect of logistics and origination. ARIA’s Kiev office is responsible for all trade administration and associated affairs in the region, which is headed by Tatiana Yakimkova and her team, with decades of experience in the commodities trading at some of the biggest houses operating in the region.


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