AgriSupp online analytics: 14 days of a free demo are back! Apply by April 30

UkrAgroConsult serves to provide agribusiness operators with the latest information on the events of the agricultural market for making effective business decisions.

That is why from April 14 we bring back a free 14-day trial to the online analytical platform AgriSupp.

Take your chance before April 30! 


AgriSupp is a multi-functional online platform with market intelligence for grains, pulses and oilseeds. 

AgriSupp provides access to 4 packages:

✅ Black Sea Grain Analytics package
✅ Black Sea Oilseeds Analytics package
✅ Black Sea&World Pulses Analytics package
✅ Premium Analytics package – all 3 above packages are included
 LineUp package

Using AgriSupp, you can view exclusive analytical articles of the global and regional markets. You will have access to S&D balance estimates by UkrAgroConsult, USDA and other world sources.

You will have access to monthly export statistics, historical data for 10 years, daily cash market prices, as well as operational information on port shipments in Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria.

AgriSupp also includes information on processed products and grain stocks.

AgriSupp enables you to:

  • get access to daily operational information on the Black Sea markets, analytical reports, historical data;
  • apply new online tools to visualize, compare and download various types of market data;
  • choose data processing tools (in interactive charts and Excel file format);
  • always be aware of the estimates, forecasts and comments of the top experts of the agricultural market.

Start using AgriSupp and improve your efficiency!




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