50% of Australians confused about what is plant-based and what is real

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A recent survey conducted by Australian Pork Limited (APL) shows that 50% of Australians upon initial view of the packaging of a ‘plant-based roast pork’ considered the product was made of pork.

This confusion poses an unacceptable risk to the reputation of the industry and its products, as a trusted provider of nutritious and ethically produced protein.
The survey also found that about 50 per cent of respondents believe that plant-based products shouldn’t be allowed to use terms such as ‘pork’ or ‘bacon’.

APL have been working with industry and government for some time on this issue, and while APL supports consumer choice and market innovation, we are simply asking for clear identification of the source and processes involved in developing these products. This vision is shared with other meat and livestock industries.

Australian Pork Limited CEO Margo Andrae says this is not a new issue for the industry and APL have been regularly involved in government discussions to build clear definitions to ensure people know what they’re buying.

“In September we supported the plant-based labelling roundtable hosted by Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud. We also continue to work with our industry colleagues on the issue to support accurate and consistent messaging across livestock industries,” Ms Andrae said.

“We continue to support the wider success of Australian agriculture but it is important that consumers have access to labelling that clearly lists raw ingredients and just as importantly whether or not they are home grown or imported. Our data shows that consumers just want the facts.”

“Truth in labelling will not only ensure that consumers are not inadvertently misled by labelling but also will ensure all proteins on our shelves meet the same significant compliance standards that the meat and dairy sectors currently adhere to.”

“The bottom line is Australian consumers should be able to make informed purchasing decisions when purchasing quality food products they love and trust.”

In May this year, Senator Susan McDonald called for a senate inquiry on the ‘definitions of meat and other animal products’, which will consider the current state of meat category branding in Australia. APL will be providing a submission to support this important inquiry.

The Australian Pork Limited plant-based survey was completed by 1000 respondents, nationally.


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