Ukrainian sunflower oil exports to the EU on the rise

Source:  OleoScope
соняшникова олія

From July 1, 2023 to February 22, 2024 Ukraine exported over 1.72 million tons of vegetable oils to the EU countries. This data was published in a report by experts of the European Commission. Shipments of these products increased by one third compared to the same period last year (1.3 million tons).

It is noted in the materials that supplies of Ukrainian sunflower oil to the EU for almost 8 months increased by 34.7% – up to 1.47 million tons. Shipments of rapeseed oil increased 2.2 times – up to 111.85 thousand tons. Exports of soybean oil, on the contrary, dropped by 8.5% to 141.6 thousand tons.

As for meal of Ukrainian origin, in the reporting period its sales to Europe amounted to 1.115 million tons against 1.111 million tons a year earlier. According to the EC, exports of soybean and rapeseed meal increased by 16% and 170% to 272.7 thousand tons and 139.3 thousand tons, respectively. Sunflower meal shipments decreased by 15% to 703.4 thousand tons.

In the category of oilseeds there was a significant slump in sales – from 5.26 million tons to 3.1 million tons. Sunseed sales slowed sharply in the new agricultural year – from 1.615 million tons to 136 thousand tons. Rapeseed exports fell from 2.74 million tons to 2.4 million tons, and soybeans from 901.9 thousand tons to 575.5 thousand tons.

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