Ukrainian grain exports exceeded 45.4 million tons

Source:  UkrAgroConsult

As of June 2, in 2022/2023 MY Ukraine exported 45 mln 468 thsd tonnes of grains and pulses, which is 1 mln 709 thsd tonnes less than last year. This is reported on the website of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

In particular, the export of Ukrainian wheat amounted to 15 million 529 thousand tons.

Ukrainian barley was sold abroad in the amount of 2 million 647 thousand tons, rye – 18.0 thousand tons.

Exports of Ukrainian corn reached 26 million 960 thousand tons.

Also, Ukrainian farmers exported 143.0 thousand tons of wheat and other types of flour, which is 190.7 thousand tons in terms of grain. It is worth noting that this year the dynamics of flour exports is quite positive. Thus, as of the same date last year, Ukraine exported 71.4 thsd tonnes of flour, which is almost twice less than in 2022/2023 MY.

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