Ukraine simplifies licensing of sunflower seed exports to Bulgaria

Source:  Censor.NET

The Cabinet of Ministers has simplified the conditions for exporting sunflower seeds to Bulgaria by introducing an automatic licensing regime instead of a non-automatic one. The decision was made at a government meeting on February 2.

“Recently, the Republic of Bulgaria has agreed to liberalize the export licensing regime for one of these agricultural commodities, namely sunflower seeds. From now on, obtaining licenses to export sunflower seeds to Bulgaria will not require the approval of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and, accordingly, separate consultations with this country,” explained Taras Kachka, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine – Trade Representative.

According to him, this should simplify the export of relevant Ukrainian products.

Earlier, in order to unblock Ukrainian exports of agricultural products through neighboring EU countries, the government introduced verification and approval of exports of certain agricultural products to Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland.

In particular, the government introduced a licensing regime for exports of wheat, corn, rapeseed, and sunseed to these five EU countries.

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