Ukraine shipped 5.5 million tons of agricultural products in January

Source:  UkrAgroConsult

In January, Ukraine shipped 5.5 million tons of grains, oilseeds and their products. This is 1.3 million tons less than in December. This downward trend is due to the artificial blocking of the grain corridor by Russian inspectors. As a result, only 3 million tons were shipped in the first month of the year as part of the grain initiative. In September-October, exports of agricultural products through the Corridor amounted to about and over 4 million tons, respectively.

Thus, in the first month of the new year, shipments of absolutely all agricultural crops decreased, including the leaders of shipments: corn and wheat. Corn was shipped by 700 thsd tonnes less – 2.6 mln tonnes, and wheat – by 250 thsd tonnes less – 1.3 mln tonnes.

In total, 15.4 mln tons of corn and 9.7 mln tons of wheat have already been shipped in the marketing season (July 2022 – January 2023). In total, we have shipped 39.2 million tons of grains and oilseeds this season.

During the 11 months of the war, we shipped 44.4 million tons of agricultural products to other countries, including 9.9 million tons of wheat and 18.2 million tons of corn. The slight difference in the supply of these crops compared to the new marketing season is due to the closure of Ukrainian ports, which were out of operation for 5 months and started to gradually increase their volumes in August.

Sunflower oil remained in the top three of shipments with 347 thsd tonnes, which is 121 thsd tonnes less than in December. The January shipments of soybeans remained almost unchanged compared to December – 345 thsd tonnes against 387 thsd tonnes. A similar difference in volumes is observed in the supply of meal. In December, it was 331 thsd tonnes, while in January it was 36 thsd tonnes less – 295 thsd tonnes.

Sunflower seed supplies halved: in January, we had 190 thsd tonnes, while in December it was 122 thsd tonnes more.

Rapeseed supplies continue to decline as the season for this crop is over. While in November the volume of rapeseed supplies amounted to 412 thsd tonnes, in December it was 237 thsd tonnes, and in January only 186 thsd tonnes were shipped.

Barley shipments remained almost unchanged in January: 168.7 thsd tonnes in January against 179 thsd tonnes in December. Soybean oil was shipped by 6 thsd tonnes more in the first month of 2023, to 26 thsd tonnes.

The overall picture of shipments in January in percentage terms is as follows: 47.36% of corn, 24.23% of wheat, 6.33% of sunflower oil, 6.29% of soybeans, 5.38% of meal, 3.46% of sunflower seeds, 3.39% of rapeseed, 3.08% of barley, and 0.49% of soybean oil.

Total shipments for 11 months by crops: 18.2 mln tons – corn (40.88%); 9.9 mln tons – wheat (22.25%); 3.6 mln tons – sunflower oil (8.12%); 3.2 mln tons – rapeseed (7.21%); 2.9 mln tons – sunflower seeds (6.49%); 2.5 mln tons – meals (5.65%); 1.9 mln tons – barley (4.21%); 2 mln tons – soybeans (4.70%), 215 thsd. tons – soybean oil (0.48%).

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