Ukraine. Analysts see no margin for oilseed producers this season

соняшникова олія

For the first time in the history of the industry, analysts faced a situation when they saw no margin for oilseed producers. This was told by the expert of oilseed markets UkrAgroConsult Yulia Garkavenko within the framework of the conference «BLACK SEA GRAIN & OIL-2023».

“We listed several times, not realizing what was happening,” recalls Yulia Garkavenko.

She notes that earlier farmers had no issues with the realization of oilseed raw materials, and agrarians earned very well on its cultivation. There was demand from both processors and exporters. Now, however, there are problems with sales due to logistical constraints, which has caused a significant drop in the margins of oilseed production.

“What is there now? The cost of processing has gone up, the price is falling, there is almost no margin. In the past, farmers had no problems where to put their crops – the demand was always there, and the agrarian did not need to search the market, where to sell sunflower or rapeseed. And worst of all, they had to try to export it themselves,” says the expert.

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