Ukraine. The spring drought continues and intensifies

Weather conditions. Weather on April 1-17 was unfavorable for growth and development of all crops. Such conditions resulted from absolutely dry sunny weather, large air temperature swings from below freezing at night to much above zero in the daytime, intense frost events over the past two weeks, critically low relative air humidity, dry hot winds. Very low moisture content in air masses promoted night temperature drops to very low points, while daytime warmth rapidly built up to levels normally seen in late April, UkrAgroConsult reports.

Moisture supply. It was absolutely dry all over the country at that time. Minor precipitation in the form of rain (sleet in some regions) only occurred in recent days. Its amount ranged from 0.1 to 5.0 mm. The spring drought continues and intensifies.

Crop condition. In the southern and central regions, long severe spring frosts have damaged leaves in winter wheat, winter rape, spring barley, peas. Occasionally in the southern and central regions, where air and soil temperatures hit the lowest points (6-13°C below freezing), up to 30% of winter wheat plantings have been entirely killed. Farmers continue planting spring barley, spring wheat, oats, peas, corn and sunflower. Crop condition is good and fair.

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