UkrAgroConsult to conduct a study under World Bank’s ‘3R Project’ for the implementation of climate-smart agriculture in Luhansk oblast

UkrAgroConsult will conduct a study under the project “Eastern Ukraine: Reconnect, Recover, Revitalize” (3R Project) for the implementation of climate-smart agriculture in Luhansk oblast. The Company’s experts have to examine the state of the region’s irrigation systems, make a comprehensive soil analysis, collect data for the geospatial mapping of irrigation systems operating in the oblast, analyze available data and projections related to climate change (particularly rainfall, temperature and moisture level in the ground) and prepare recommendations for Luhansk oblast’s agricultural producers on how to plan their business taking into account future climate change and its impact on the local farming sector.

In addition, under this study, UkrAgroConsult will assist in providing agro-chemical soil passports to six farms in Troitskyi, Starobilsk, Bilokurakinskiy communities of Luhansk oblast.

“Global climate change is no longer some distant and incomprehensible thing discussed by high-level politicians. This is already our reality. Atypical droughts or sudden floods have become commonplace and a test for Ukrainian farmers. In particular, this is not the first year that growers in Luhansk oblast have been suffering from them and incurring economic losses. The climate is changing and we want to help the region’s growers prepare for climate-related challenges today. This is why under 3R Project UkrAgroConsult will conduct a study for the implementation of climate-smart agriculture in Luhansk oblast. The study will be another building block for economic recovery in the region,” said Roman Plis, Head of the 3R Project Implementation Team.

According to him, UkrAgroConsult was selected by the World Bank through an open competitive tender for conducting this study. The study will be conducted with support from a multi-partner dedicated fund aimed at restoring and building peace in Ukraine.

“Our study will help strengthen the capacity of Luhansk oblast to realize its agricultural potential in the light of climate change. In the coming several months we will closely interact with local farmers, territorial communities, the Luhansk Regional Civil Military Administration in order to make a comprehensive climate-change specific analysis of the agriculture, which will help farmers to conduct their business in the new conditions without significant economic losses,” said UkrAgroConsult CEO Sergey Feofilov.

UkrAgroConsult Company operates since 1994 and provides consultancy in business planning, techno-economic feasibility, forecasting the Ukrainian agricultural production market. The Company cooperates with a number of international government and non-government organizations such as IFC, FAO, GAFTA, UGA, ACC etc. As part of the study for 3R Project, UkrAgroConsult will work in a consortium with the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine and LLC Prime Lab Tech. Experts from these entities have already started soil sampling in some communities of Luhansk oblast and examining irrigation systems in the area.

Світлина від Проєкт "Східна Україна: возз'єднання, відновлення, відродження" - 3В.

Світлина від Проєкт "Східна Україна: возз'єднання, відновлення, відродження" - 3В.Світлина від Проєкт "Східна Україна: возз'єднання, відновлення, відродження" - 3В.



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