Ukraine reaches the finish line of the sowing campaign

Source:  UkrAgroConsult

Over the past week, Ukrainian farmers sowed 585.2 thousand hectares of grain and pulses, most of them in Chernihiv region (94.5 thousand hectares). Poltava region has planted the most spring crops – 626 thousand hectares, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.

In total, sowing has already been carried out on an area of 5 million 278 thousand hectares, of which:

  • spring wheat – 261.9 thou hectares;
  • spring barley – 763.3 thou hectares;
  • peas – 135.6 thou hectares;
  • oats – 145.5 thousand hectares;
  • corn – 3 681.5 thousand hectares;
  • buckwheat – 83.1 thousand hectares;
  • millet – 46.1 thou hectares;
  • other grains and pulses – 161.2 thou hectares.

Sugar beet was sown on the area of 240.9 thou hectares. Sunflower – 4,616.4 thou hectares, most of it in Kirovograd region (576 thou hectares).

Soybeans were planted on an area of 1 635.5 thou hectares, with Kyiv region leading the way (188.79 thou hectares).

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