Turkey plans to increase grain production in 2023/24

Source:  GrainTrade

According to Turkstat forecasts, in 2023/24, Turkey will increase the production of grain crops by 2% to 39.5 million tons compared to the previous season, in particular wheat by 4% to 20.5 million tons, barley by 1% to 8, 6 million tons, oats – by 3% to 375 thousand tons, rye – by 4% to 285 thousand tons.

At the same time, the production of oil crops in the country will remain at the level of the previous season – 2.6 million tons, although the soybean harvest may decrease by 3% to 150,000 tons.

Turkey’s grain industry continues to recover from devastating earthquakes and drought, according to USDA’s FAS. Moreover, experts believe that the drought will have a much stronger effect on the grain harvest in 2023/24 than earthquakes.

FAS USDA experts predict that wheat production in Turkey in 2023/24 MY will be 17.25 million tons (including 3 million tons of durum wheat), which will correspond to the level of 2022/23 MY, although the sowing area will increase by 350 thousand hectares up to 7.15 million hectares. If the drought continues, the wheat harvest may decrease significantly.

The estimate of wheat imports to Turkey in the 2023/24 MY was left at 10 million tons, and exports at the level of 7 million tons. From July to January 2022/23 MR, the country imported 4.8 million tons of wheat from the Russian Federation and 1.7 million tons from Ukraine.

At the same time, corn production in Turkey in the new season will increase by 900,000 tons compared to 2022/23 MY to a record 7.7 million tons thanks to the increase in sowing areas and favorable weather conditions in corn-growing regions, which will reduce grain imports by 0.4 million tons to 2.1 million tons.

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