The Canadian Bureau of Statistics has released the final data on the harvest in 2021

On December 3, The Statistical Office of Canada (StatsCan) published the final report on the 2021 harvest, in which, due to dry conditions in the country, it slightly reduced the estimate of wheat, canola, barley and soy production, but hung the estimate of the corn crop. The report’s data correspond to preliminary estimates of analysts, so it almost did not affect stock quotes.

As a result of the drought in Western Canada, wheat and canola yields decreased by 33-40%, which is historically the largest annual drop in yields, but in Eastern Canada, corn yields increased due to favorable growing conditions.

Wheat production in the country in 2021 decreased by 38.5% compared to the previous year to 21.7 million tons due to a decrease in yield by 33.3% to 2.34 t/ha and a decrease in the area before harvesting by 7.7% to 9.23 million hectares.

In the province of Saskatchewan, pre – harvest areas decreased by 8.3% to 4.74 million hectares, and yields-by 43.4% to 1.75 t/ha, as a result of which the harvest decreased by 48.1% to 8.3 million tons.

In the province of Alberta, the area before harvesting decreased by 7.5% to 2.71 million hectares, and the yield – by 38.4% to 3.12 t/ha, so the harvest decreased by 42.9% to 6.3 million tons.

In Manitoba, the area before harvesting decreased by 8.9%, and the yield – by 21.9% to 3.22 t/ha, so production fell by 28.9% to 3.8 million tons.

The bureau’s experts lowered the estimate of canola production from 12.8 to 12.6 million tons, which will be the lowest since 2007, 35.4% lower than last year’s 19.5 million tons and the USDA forecast of 13 million tons. due to the drought, the average canola yield will decrease by 40.2% to a 10-year low of 25 bushels/ACP, which does not even compensate for the expansion of sowing areas by 8.2% to 9.03 million hectares.

In Saskatchewan, the area of canola sowing increased by 6.2% compared to last year to 12 million hectares, but due to a 48.5% decrease in yield to 22 bushels/acre, production decreased by 45.4% to 6 million tons.

In the province of Alberta, the area under canola increased by 16.3%, but a 31.1% decrease in yield to 27.7 bushels/acre led to a 19.9% drop in yield to 4.2 million tons.

In Manitoba, the area under canola increased by 0.3% to 3.4 million acres, but a 28.3% decrease in yield to 29.7 bushels/acre resulted in a 28.2% reduction in yield to 2.3 million tons.

Barley production in 2021 decreased by 35.3% to 6.9 million tons, as due to the drought in Western Canada, yields fell by 39.5% to 2.89 t/ha, although harvesting areas increased by 6.9% to 3 million hectares.

Oat production fell by 43% to 2.6 million tons due to a decrease in yield by 32.6% to 4.13 t/ha and harvesting areas by 15.4% to 1.09 million hectares.

Soybean production decreased by 1.4% to 6.3 million tons due to a 5.6% decrease in yield, which partially offset the 4.5% increase in harvesting areas.

The volume of corn production in 2021, despite a decrease in harvesting areas by 1.3% to 1.38 million hectares, increased by 3.1% to 14 million tons due to an increase in yields by 4.4% to 10 t/ha, primarily due to increased production in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

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