Sunflower oil exports not only reached but exceeded some pre-war periods – Ukroliyaprom

подсолнечное масло

The export volumes of sunflower oil not only reached but exceeded some pre-war periods, indicating the growth of sunflower seed processing at Ukrainian enterprises, according to the Ukroliyaprom Association.

According to the association, in 2023/24 MY Ukraine exported 4.4 mln tonnes of sunflower oil, up 17.9% compared to the previous season.

The exports of sunflower meal totaled 3.5 mln tonnes (+27.8%), while the exports of sunflower seeds amounted to 289.6 thsd tonnes (-83.7%).

“A significant reduction in sunflower seed exports largely contributes to the increase in domestic processing of this agricultural raw material and the increase in the production and export of high value-added products,” the association added.

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