Russia solely responsible for global food security crisis – EU summit resolution

Source:  Ukrinform
The Heads of States and Governments of EU countries, who started a high-level meeting in Brussels on June 23, 2022, recognized Russia as a country attempting to weaponize food in its war against Ukraine and solely responsible for the global food security crisis.

The relevant statement was made in the EU summit resolution published on the website of the European Council, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“Russia, by weaponising food in its war against Ukraine, is solely responsible for the global food security crisis it has provoked. The European Council urges Russia to immediately stop targeting agricultural facilities and removing cereals, and to unblock the Black Sea, in particular the port of Odesa, so as to allow the export of grain and commercial shipping operations,” the document reads.

The European Council expressed support for the efforts of the United Nations Secretary-General in this regard. EU leaders stressed that sanctions against Russia allow the free flow of agricultural and food products and the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

In addition, the European Council expressed support for the efforts on the Solidarity Lanes to facilitate food exports from Ukraine via different land routes and EU ports.

EU leaders called on the Commission and the Member States, building in particular on the FARM initiative as well as UN and G7 initiatives, to step up their efforts, namely to support developing countries to reorient their supply chains; to develop sustainable food production, strengthen agricultural productivity and agri-business capacity on the African continent; to work on initiatives together with international partners to support the development of manufacturing capacity of inputs in developing countries, in particular sustainable fertilizers.

A reminder that over 20 million tonnes of grain has been blocked at Ukrainian sea ports due to the Russian armed aggression.

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