Polish farmers start unblocking the border with Ukraine

Source:  GrainTrade

After the local elections were over and after receiving aid from the EU, the Polish authorities became more active in responding to the blockade of the border with Ukraine, so local farmers began to unblock the checkpoints. By striking at the border, Polish farmers have secured additional funding from the EU and a promise to revise the Green Deal policy in European agriculture.

Yesterday, the farmers ended the blockade of the Dorohusk-Yagodyn checkpoint, which had been in place since February 9, and the day before they resumed truck traffic through the Shehyni-Medyka and Krakivets-Korchova crossings.

The Rava-Ruska – Hrebenne crossing remains blocked on the Polish side, but the protesters promised to allow up to 60 trucks a day to leave Ukraine, except for vehicles transporting agricultural products (cargoes of groups 1-24).

After the European Council summit, Polish Prime Minister D. Tusk said that the country’s authorities could not allow border blockades regardless of the reasons for the protests and called on farmers to stop blockading the border with Ukraine, which is in a difficult situation after the recent attacks by Russia, and asked “everyone in Poland not to do anything that could harm Ukraine.”

Trade associations and chambers of commerce in Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Italy called on all EU companies, including representatives of their transport departments, to boycott Polish carriers who have blockaded Ukraine’s border with Poland and not to sign or renew contracts with them until they end the blockade.

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