Polish analyst: Claims that Polish ports are “flooded” with Ukrainian grain are not true

Source:  Latifundist.com

In recent days, information has appeared in the public space that national ports are overcrowded with Ukrainian grain (in transit), which is why Polish farmers are having problems selling grain. Polish analyst Mirosław Marciniak said that this information was false.

According to him, after a very successful first part of the season (July-December 2023), the last two months brought a significant decrease in grain transshipment in Polish ports. Both in January and February, the transshipment capacities were utilized by only 60% (exports amounted to 534 thsd tonnes and 566 thsd tonnes). First and foremost, there was a significant decline in wheat exports.

According to Ukrainian data, in the first two months of this year, 515 thousand tons of grains and oilseeds crossed the Polish border. Of this amount, only 24.3 thousand tons were delivered to Polish recipients (23.3 thousand tons of soybeans and 723 tons of barley).

The largest recipients of Ukrainian grains and oilseeds that transited through Poland were:

  • Germany – 195.4 thsd tonnes
  • Netherlands – 58.3 thousand tons,
  • Lithuania and Latvia – 21.8 thsd tonnes.

“However, reducing the total volume of exports to Germany, the Netherlands and the Baltic States (mainly by rail), approximately 205 thousand tons of Ukrainian grains and oilseeds (mainly corn) were exported through national ports in the current calendar year. This is about 100 thousand tons per month, i.e. about 10% of our transshipment capacities, which, as you can see from the chart, are currently not fully utilized,” said Mr. Marchiniak.

He added that the transit of Ukrainian grain through Poland will significantly lose its attractiveness in the coming months, as Ukraine actively ships grain through the Black Sea ports.

As a reminder, the Ukrainian sea corridor has started working around the clock, and exports may increase by 20%.

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