In Poland, VAT on food products and fertilizers is abolished for half a year

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“It simply came to our notice then. Poles will see even lower fuel prices at gas stations. I hope that will happen in three weeks, at most in four weeks. According to our calculations, a liter of fuel should fall in price by 60 grams (13 euro cents), maybe even 70 grams (15 euro cents). “These costs will be covered by the Polish state budget,” the prime minister said Mateuszas Morawieckis (Matthew Moravecki), presenting the so-called second anti-inflation shield on Tuesday.

He stressed that the decision of the Polish government, with the approval of the European Commission, and thus a preferential 5%. Reducing the VAT rate on foodstuffs, which applies to most of them, to zero will “significantly increase the wealth of Polish wallets”.

The head of the Polish government called on supermarkets and smaller stores to reduce food prices accordingly, stressing that it is vital that this VAT scrap, which deprives the state treasury of part of its revenue, does not become extra income for business.

Morawieckis, on the other hand, urged shoppers to check for lower food prices in the stores they visit.

“From February, we will introduce the lowest possible VAT rate in the European Union – zero, and as a result all food products will have to become cheaper,” the Polish prime minister added.

At the end of last year, the Polish authorities introduced the so-called first anti-inflation shield – the first part of an anti-inflation package: reduced excise duties on fuel in 2022, electricity in the first quarter and reduced VAT rates on natural gas and heat for the first five months of this year. electricity.

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