Honey exports from Ukraine in first five months grow by almost 30%

Honey exports from Ukraine from January to May 2020 grew to 28,450 tonnes, which was 29% up year-on-year from 22,060 tonnes. 

In monetary terms, the honey exports over the reporting period increased by 12.6%, US$45.7 million, according to the country's State Customs Service. In May 2020 alone, Ukraine exported honey worth US$9.36 million. 

The main buyers of Ukrainian honey in January-May 2020 were Germany (20.7% of supplies), Poland (about 20%), and Belgium (15%). 
Also, Ukraine almost quadruplicated honey imports, to 81 tonnes from 20.9 tonnes in January-May last year. In monetary terms, the honey imports rose by 3.4 times, to US$159,000. 

The main suppliers of honey to Ukraine were Hungary and Belgium, accounting for 98% of the shipments. 

Ukraine in 2019 boosted honey exports by 12.7%, to 55,600 tonnes. Last year, honey production totaled 110,000 tonnes.



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