Exports of soybean oil from Ukraine remain stable

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Exports of soybean oil from Ukraine remain stable, with the main exporters being the largest soybean processors – Astarta and MHP.

From the beginning of the current season (September 2022) to the end of April, Ukrainian companies exported more than 184 thsd tonnes of soybean oil. The exports were quite steady throughout the reporting period, averaging 23 thsd tonnes per month.

Ukraine is currently exporting soybean oil mainly by land, by rail and road across the border with Poland.

The two largest Ukrainian soybean processors, MHP and Astarta, remain the main exporters of soybean oil in the current season, as in previous periods.

According to the operating and financial reports of these public companies, MHP’s share among the largest Ukrainian exporters was 18%, and Astarta’s was about 15%.

While for MHP soybean processing is an auxiliary activity that provides the company with soybean meal for feed production, for Astarta it is a separate, full-fledged business segment.

MHP does not disclose its financial results for sunflower and soybean processing, but according to Astarta’s reports, the profitability of soybean processing is by far the highest in recent years.

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