EU increases oilseed processing in January

Source:  OleoScope

The European Association of Vegetable Oil Producers (FEDIOL) estimates that in January 2024, EU oil extraction plants processed about 3.5 million tons of oilseeds, which is 44 thousand tons higher than last month and 226 thousand tons more than in January 2023.

As for rapeseed, local enterprises processed 1.759 mln tonnes of the crop in the analyzed period (the same as in December; +87 thsd tonnes y-o-y).

The volumes of soybean processing last month amounted to 1.17 mln tonnes, which actually corresponds to the figure of December, but exceeds the value of January 2023 by 45 thsd tonnes (1.125 mln tonnes).

Sunflower has been growing for the third month in a row. In January 2024, 571 thsd tonnes of seeds were delivered to the mills for further processing, which is more than 50 thsd tonnes more than in December and about 100 thsd tonnes higher than in January 2023.

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