EU increased sunflower meal imports by 16% this season

Source:  Oleoscope

EU countries imported 17.98 million tons of meal from the beginning of the current season through June 4, down 1% from the same period a year earlier.

Imports of soybean meal fell by 4% to 14.23 million tons. Meanwhile, sunflower meal imports rose 16% to 2.988 million tons and rapeseed meal imports rose 1% to 0.76 million tons.

The main shipments of soybean meal to the EU come from Brazil with 8.39 million tons and Argentina with 3.18 million tons. Among the largest suppliers of sunflower meal are Ukraine with 1.25 million tons, Russia with 0.77 million tons and Argentina with 0.61 million tons.

Rapeseed meal is mainly imported from Russia – 0.31 million tons, Belarus – 0.24 million tons and Ukraine – 0.16 million tons.

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