EU approved 77.83 thou. t import quota for Ukrainian wheat in February


The European Union (EU) approved licenses to import of 77.83 thou. t of wheat within the duty-free quota for the grain of Ukrainian origin.

As reported, by the end of 2022, another 852.57 thou. t of Ukrainian wheat may be supplied to the EU under the year’s tariff-rate quotas (TRQ) in the amount of 1 mln t after the EU has authorized the import of 69.6 thou. t in January.

The EU also approved imports of 1.21 thou. t of Ukrainian barley for February after 19.57 thou. t agreed for the current month. The annual quota for imports of Ukrainian barley to the EU is 329.22 thou. t of the total volume of 350 thou. t.


Refinitiv Agriculture

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