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The price of sunseed in Ukraine in 2024

Ukraine is one of the world’s largest exporters of agricultural crops, including oil crops, which include sunseed and rapeseed. Thanks to the climatic conditions and the use of modern technologies, Ukrainian farmers obtain high yields of sunflower — 2.61–3.22 tons/ha. Therefore, it is among the five crops for which the largest number of sown areas is allocated.

What affects the price of sunseed in Ukraine

The price of sunflower on the Ukrainian agricultural market changes very quickly. It is possible to sell seeds at favorable purchase prices with a good understanding of the market situation and making a forecast of the cost of sunflower seed in the short and long term.

The dynamics of the purchase price of sunseed in Ukraine are influenced by the following factors:

  • gross harvest of sunflowers;
  • seed quality;
  • proposals of competing states;
  • world demand for other oil crops – rapeseed, soybeans, etc.;
  • the cost of palm and rapeseed oil.

The dynamics of sunseed prices in Ukraine depends on the time interval between harvesting and the supply of seeds on the market. The highest price is from the beginning of the year to June, when the number of sunflowers gradually decreases. From September, the price begins to decrease, as the current year’s harvest appears on the market.

In order to profitably sell the grown crop, producers should constantly monitor the following information: sunflower seed price per ton on the domestic and world market.

The quality of the seed is included in the price

The purchase price for sunseed in Ukraine is indicated for seeds with the following quality parameters:

  • humidity – 7%;
  • oil admixture – 3%
  • admixture of weeds – 1%.

If the value of the indicators exceeds the specified norms, the price of sunseed is recalculated. Price per ton will be lower. Oilseed crushers and elevators do not purchase seeds infected with microorganisms or insects. Such raw materials are used as animal feed. For the same purpose, they purchase meal and cake, which are obtained after processing sunflower seeds into oil.

The price of sunseed in Ukraine in 2024

The best price for sunflower seed today from processors with delivery to the factory is UAH 14,500 per ton. Elevators offer a lower cost because they take into account the logistics costs of shipping. The price range in different regions is from UAH 12,900 to UAH 14,400 per ton.

The export price of sunseed in Ukraine today is 370–575 dollars. However, it is quite difficult for producers to export sunseed on their own. For this they need:

  • learn the rules of international trade;
  • take into account all the nuances of VAT;
  • ensure the quality of sunflower seeds in accordance with international standards;
  • track the price of sunflower today on the world market;
  • search for companies willing to buy sunflowers;
  • correctly write down the terms of the agreement in the contract to avoid situations in which financial losses are possible.

Since the cost of transporting oil crops to the seaport of the Odesa region is quite high today, it is not profitable to export a small amount of sunflower. To get a good profit, you should prepare a large batch for sale.

Traders successfully cope with this task. They have the necessary knowledge and experience to export various crops from Ukraine:

  • cereals – wheat, corn;
  • pulses – peas;
  • oil – sunseed.

Traders are well aware of the intricacies of trade operations and are able to negotiate with counterparties from different countries. In addition, they constantly monitor information on the export of grain through the ports of Greater Odesa along the created grain corridor.

The optimal solution for farmers and other producers who want to conclude export transactions is to turn to reliable traders. They will help sell seeds for processing or fodder sunflower at a bargain price. The websites of trading companies regularly publish actual purchase prices for sunflowers.

How to predict the price of sunflower seed

The forecast of the price of sunseed in Ukraine in 2024 is made taking into account an important factor – the “grain corridor”. If it continues to operate, most of the Ukrainian oilseed crushers that are not in the war zone will start production of sunflower oil. For this, they will have to buy sunflower seeds and create the necessary stock. Producers and traders will be able to sell sunseed at a high price. However, it should be taken into account that in the conditions of an uncertain situation with the functioning of the “grain corridor”, oilseed crushers will not make huge reserves, as in previous years.

A functioning corridor will allow the planned quantity of sunseed to be exported. Due to the fact that sunflower oil production has decreased in Ukraine, the volume of seed exports will increase.


1. What factors influence the price of sunseed in Ukraine?

Sunflower seed prices in Ukraine depend on a number of factors, such as the global market, supply and demand, weather conditions, yields, and political and economic events.

2. Where can I find current sunseed prices in Ukraine?

Current sunseed prices in Ukraine can be found on UkrAgroConsult's website, which provides data on prices for sunflower seeds and sunflower oil.

3. What are the trends in the sunseed market in Ukraine?

Trends in the sunseed market may include changes in supply and demand, increases or decreases in global prices, weather conditions affecting yields, and political and economic events that may affect exports and imports of sunseed.

4. Does the price of sunseed change during the year?

Thus, the price of sunseed can vary throughout the year depending on seasonal fluctuations, supply and demand, world prices, as well as political and economic events. Follow the latest information on the Ukragroconsult website for the latest news on sunflower seed prices.

5. What information does UkrAgroConsult provide about sunseed?

UkrAgroConsult provides a range of services, such as market analysis, price forecasting, advice on optimal purchasing and selling strategies, preparation of analytical reports and reviews for clients, as well as information on export opportunities and the latest trends in the global sunseed market.