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Soybean prices today

Ukraine is one of the leading soybean exporting countries in the world. Purchase prices for soybeans largely depend on the market situation and the offers of foreign competing companies.

The demand for this oil crop, which is characterized by an affordable price, has remained consistently high in recent years. At the same time, large volumes of soybean supplies are stored from China, Brazil, South American countries, and Ukraine. How are purchase prices formed today and what affects the volume of the harvest? You will find the answers to these questions below.

Soy and drought tolerance

Soy is a light and heat-loving agricultural crop. The need for heat and water is especially strong during flowering and grain formation in beans.

At the beginning of the life cycle, soybeans are quite resistant to arid conditions. However, in the future, it loses this property. In order for soybeans to grow well, timely and abundant watering is required. In order to obtain a good harvest and generate high purchase prices, soil rolling, weed and pest control are also required.

Which regions in Ukraine are most suitable for growing soybeans? Taking into account the listed features, the northern, central and western regions are more suitable for such agriculture. To get the maximum yield of soybeans and sell them at a decent price, producers need to choose the right variety and pay special attention to the characteristics of the root system.

How does breeding affect soybean production?

World soybean prices largely depend on the selected seeds and the producing country. Many buyers prefer American and Canadian soybeans. Their considerable purchase cost is due to important advantages for cultivation: resistance to treatment with herbicides, fluctuations in air temperature and humidity, etc.

Ukrainian soybean also has a high yield if it is grown under appropriate conditions. This requires the participants of the agricultural market to be able to find agricultural crops adapted to the climate of the region and to make an application based on the calculation of the desired price and potential sales from specific fields.

Features of GM – soybeans

A new phenomenon on the global agricultural market is GM-soybeans. As profile studies show, currently a significant part of all fields are sown with transgenic varieties, which are sold at a moderate price. In extremely arid places, where there is a constant lack of moisture and high temperatures, the share of GM-soybeans can reach 85-90%. Why do more and more manufacturers prefer it today?

Manufacturers claim the following advantages of transgenic soy:

  • increased yield level;
  • simpler and more effective protection of GM- soybeans and corn from plant weeds and insect pests.

Like other agricultural crops, transgenic varieties have their drawbacks. For example, if you use only GM-soybeans to sow fields, you may encounter the emergence of superweeds. They are resistant to the action of herbicides, and therefore are able to exist and develop in their significant concentration in the soil.

How the price of soybeans is formed

The price of soybeans in Ukraine today depends on the situation on the world market and the geopolitical situation. After long-term growth and stability of indicators, the purchase price has been gradually decreasing recently. On average, at the beginning of the current year, the price of soybeans decreased by UAH 4,500-5,300 per ton and reached UAH 9,000-10,000 with or without VAT.

Agricultural companies specializing in soybean cultivation in Ukraine control numerous parameters of production and export processes. Among them are the country’s total exports, local fluctuations in purchase prices, costs for transportation through ports and overland, and global market conditions.

The costs that soybean producers in Ukraine face every day are also important. The final price is directly affected by the cost of agricultural machinery, fuel and lubricants, depreciation, sowing materials, and fluctuations in the national currency. Today, these parameters must be taken into account in order to obtain an accurate and profitable new purchase price for soybeans for the enterprise.

Why do you need to look at all these indicators? With their help, it is possible to determine at what price potential buyers want to buy soybeans, which way is best to send the cargo from Ukraine, etc.

This agricultural crop is in great demand among foreign buyers who are looking for the best deals in different countries. In order to sell them products in bulk at a high purchase price through the ports, Ukrainian entrepreneurs try to achieve maximum stable harvests and carefully organize the collection of soybeans, processing and storage in the elevator, and transportation. Strict adherence to technologies allows you to prevent unwanted changes and offer customers a world-class quality product.

The success factor is the correct logistics

An important role in the sale of any food grain at a favorable price, including soy, wheat, sunflower, is played by logistics. Incorrectly organized route in Ukraine and abroad during pickup or delivery from the manufacturer, uncoordinated actions in ports lead to delays and significant delays in deliveries. This ultimately has a negative effect on the price.

In addition, unfavorable weather conditions and problems during the harvest can disrupt the soybean export process and reduce its purchase price. Any unforeseen rainfall has a negative impact on the crop used to produce soybean oil as a substitute for meat and dairy products.


1. What factors affect soybean prices in Ukraine?

Soybean prices in Ukraine depend on a number of factors, such as world soybean prices, weather conditions, yields, domestic supply and demand, as well as global economic and political events. Visit https://ukragroconsult.com/en/soybeans-prices/ for the latest data on soybean prices in Ukraine.

2. Where can I find current data on soybean prices in Ukraine?

Current data on soybean prices in Ukraine can be found on the page https://ukragroconsult.com/en/soybeans-prices/. The information on this page is regularly updated, which allows you to follow the latest changes in soybean prices on the Ukrainian market.

3. Есть ли сезонность в ценах на сою в Украине?

Yes, seasonality affects soybean prices in Ukraine. Typically, soybean prices fluctuate throughout the year depending on the season, supply and demand, world prices, and political and economic events. Follow up-to-date information on the UkrAgroConsult website.

4. Who are the main buyers of soybeans in Ukraine?

The main buyers of soybeans in Ukraine include processing enterprises that produce soybean oil and meal, as well as domestic and international companies engaged in the production of feed for animals and birds. Demand for soy is also growing in the food industry, especially in the production of products for vegetarians and vegans.

5. Is it possible to export soybeans from Ukraine?

Thus, Ukraine exports a significant part of cultivated soybeans to world markets. The main importing countries of Ukrainian soybeans include the countries of the European Union, Asia and the Middle East. The export of soybeans provides an important source of foreign exchange earnings for the Ukrainian agricultural sector.