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“Black Sea Oil Trade-2017”

Annual International Conference “Black Sea Oil Trade” – is an effective platform for networking with oilseed industry operators and discussion of the latest drivers in oilseed and vegoil sector of Ukraine and Black Sea region

Growing role of Black Sea countries and rising demand for high-quality information and analysis determine significance and importance of “Black Sea Oil Trade” Conference which is entirely devoted to oil and fat sector.


In 2016 International Conference «Black Sea Oil Trade» attracted 250 delegates from 24 countries and 150 companies. Conference participants are usually represented by producers and crushers of oilseeds, traders, enterprises for deep processing of vegetable oils, investment companies, banks, law, shipping, brokerage, insurance and surveyor companies.

Are there new drivers, emerging in the oilseed and vegoil market? Trends in production and trade;

Price forecast for 2017/18 MY. Will dramatic drop in vegoil prices continue?;

The past, present and future of the oil and fat industry in Ukraine;

How to defeat the “black market” of sunseed and sun oil

High oleic sunoil – prospects for Ukraine;

GMO vs non-GMO. Is there a chance of getting a premium for non-GM soybeans in Ukraine?;

Sunflower oil as the most undervalued in the global market – will the prices recover?;

New US policy on the biodiesel market and its impact;

Conference speakers

Sergey Feofilov
G Chandrashekhar
Global Agribusiness Specialist, India
Artem Hammerschmidt
OilWorld, Germany
Dmitriy Motuzko
AdamPolSoja (ATK), Ukraine
Yulia Garkavenko
Dmitry Neroda
Syngenta (Ukraine)
Warren Patterson
ING Bank (Netherlands)
Aleksey Danshyn
KMZP (Ukraine)
Igor Syz'ko
KMZP (Ukraine)

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