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Data on the agri commodities export shipment by sea vessels from the ports of Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria is provided.

You can sort the data by making a selection according to the following positions:

  • season
  • vessel
  • status (Sailed, ETA)
  • terminal
  • cargo
  • month
  • mode (export/transit)
  • shipper, charterer
  • destination country
  • port of loading

 There are also 2 rating tables available in the section:

 –  by the most exported cargo (in the context of one/several/all seasons)

 –  by the largest ports (seasonally, monthly)

 Section update frequency:

  • Ukraine – once a week
  • Russiaonce a week
  • Bulgariaonce a week
  • Romaniaonce a week

 Periods available:

  • Bulgaria: 2016/17 MY – to the present time
  • Romania, Ukraine, Russia: 2015/16 MY – up to now

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