Николай Горбачев

Nikolay Gorbachev

UGA President, Ukraine

Nikolay Gorbachev, President of Ukrainian Grain Association

Nikolay Gorbachov has more than 20 years of experience in the Ukrainian agrarian market. He became the Head of the Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA) in February 2017. He is also the co-chairman of Grain and Oilseed Committee of the European Business Association (EVA).

Nikolay Gorbachov works in the association, and at the same time he holds the position of director at the trading company New World Grain Ukraine (Soufflet Group).

He graduated from the International University of Market Relations; International Management Institute (Master of Business Administration); National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine (Master of Public Administration in National Security).

He’s the recipient of awards from the Government.

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