Russian Grain and Logistics Results and Forecasts, 2015-2025

Being a major wheat producer in the Black Sea region, in 2020 Russia harvested the second record high grain crop of 130 MMT. According to strategic plans, such volumes were planned to be reached by 2030 only. Grain production in regions far from the South looks more and more attractive. In 2020, the largest increase in yield was shown by the Center, the Volga region and the Urals. The main consumers of Russian grain are the MENA countries (the Middle East and North Africa), but exporters are actively working in other areas – Central Africa, Asia and even South America. The use of larger tonnage and, as a result, highly efficient deep-water terminals become even more urgent. Meanwhile, Novorossiysk grain terminals keep updating monthly records for grain export transshipment, which indicates a growing demand for grain transshipment services. Competition in the grain transshipment market continues to grow due to modernization of existing facilities, however, this sector remains attractive for investment.

Analytical study

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Grain production overview

Domestic consumption

Food consumption

Russian livestock sector and compound feed industry

Grain/corn exports from russia

Overview of grain exports

Destination of Russian grain exports

Major players in the export market

Trade policy

Grain production and export prospects. Supply and demand balance, 2015-2025

Land resources and area redistribution. Grain and oilseeds competition

Drivers and Constraints for GRAIN Production. Domestic and Foreign Demand, Price Evolution, Climate Change

Russia. Export infrastructure developments, 2015-2020

General description

Estimates of grain handling capacities in the ports

Trends in grain-handling industry

Grain terminals in the ports: description and competitive advantages

Sea ports of the black sea basin

Sea ports of casplan basin

Ports of the north-western basin

Ports of far east basin

Plans to construct new capacities in the ports

River ports and terminals


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