Ukraine. Vinnytsia sugar refineries produced 22,000 tonnes of sugar

This year, in Vinnytsia region, sugar refineries began production later than a year earlier.

If in 2019, at the beginning of the last decade of October, 120 thousand tonnes of sugar were produced, now the production amounts to only 22 thousand tonnes. One of the reasons is the late launch of sugar refineries.

Large refineries prepared a stock of raw materials for at least 7-10 days of work. The technology provides for a three-day supply, but now the conditions are different. Rainfalls prevent sugar beet harvesting. And these refineries have large capacities, so first they stocked up on beets, and only then began to process them.

Less powerful refineries began the season in late September. In total, there are six sugar factories in the region.

«Earlier, we waited for the rains, but now — for the favorable weather conditions», — said Petro Strusevych, the head of one of the farms in Murovanokurylovetsk district.

The farm has sowed 120 hectares of beets. The harvest has not yet begun.

In total, this year, Vinnytsia region has sowed 48,5 thousand hectares of sugar beets, 15% of the area has already been harvested. The average yield is slightly lower than last year: 420 centners per hectare (430 centners per hectare last year). The sugar content is lower, too (16,4%)б according to experts, because of the rains.



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